Our Sales Process
1. Register
Register to either buy or sell IP addresses.
2. List Addresses
Seller lists IP address blocks for listing.
3. Buy And Sell
Buy or sell IP addresses via "buy now" listings.
4. Escrow Funds
Buyer remits funds for the purchase or sale of IP addresses via escrow.com's escrow services.
5. Transfer Addresses
Our experienced team will help buyers and sellers transfer the IP addresses with the relevant RIR(s).
6. Confirm and Close
Confirm IP addresses have been transferred and disburse escrow funds.
Escrow.com Process
  • Create your escrow.com account
  • Verify your escrow.com account with your identity/passport
  • Create your bank account with USD or EUR currencies(we recommend USD for lower commission) than write that bank account informations to escrow.com account

If you are using our brokerage services

  • Give your escrow.com e-mail to your ipv4.center support
  • Wait for our team to create escrow.com transaction

If you are not using our brokerage services

  • Contact Seller/Buyer for asking escrow.com mail
  • Create escrow.com transaction

After that, steps are common

  • Wait for buyer load funds to escrow.com
  • After funds are loaded and SECURED by escrow.com, send your RIR a transfer request with signed TA(Transfer agreement) file and your company registration papers.
  • Once transfer is done, click delivered button on escrow.com and wait for escrow team verify process.
  • Once verification done, you'll receive your payment in 24-48 business hour(s)
  • Please use a escrow service to secure your sales.
  • Do not start transfer without escrow secure payment.
  • If you don't know how to prepare TA file, please use a brokerage services.
  • For faster transactions please delete every object entry on your subnet.